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Blonde 2000W Open Faced Light

Blonde 2K Cine lights are compact, lightweight, multi-purpose flood/fill lights, ideal for location lighting applications. With a double-ended 2000Watt lamp, they have an adjustable reflector for flood/spot control. These tungsten-halogen lamps are well suited for use in tight or confined spaces where maximum light output and beam spread is required.

Colourtran Lighting Kit Also Available

  • 3 x 650w lamp heads and globes
  • barn doors, lightweight lamp stands
  • scrims (half and full)
  • 2 x 5 meter 240v power extension cables
  • 2 x spare globes (DYR-650w x 240v)
  • 1 x set of full blue colour correcting and diffusing gels
  • 1 x silver carry case
  • 120 v globes available on request.

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