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Sachtler  Tripods

Sea Films can provide you with a range of heavy duty or light weight tripod systems to suit your needs, including:

Sachtler video18 II

For decades, the sturdy fluid head Video 18 has had a place in the equipment list of successful EFP and EB cameramen. Thanks to the excellent damping mechanism, the innovative Speedbalance technology for swift weight compensation and the large load range, this best-seller is not only comfortable to use, but above all, highly reliable.

Sachtler Video 20P

The Sachtler Video 20P Fluid Head incorporates a wider payload range and a faster, simpler balancing system. The increased range means that even lightweight cameras–such as video DSLRs–can be used effectively on this head, aided by a 16-step counterbalance system that allows for fine degrees of tuning.

Miller 50(100mm bowl)

The Miller 50 fluid head performance and features has evolved from the demanding world of news gathering. Strength, durability and smooth fluid action have been combined in a simple-to-operate fluid head offering pan and tilt drag in addition to its many other features.


Sea Films can also provide you with tripod accessories such as Low Legs and High Hats.

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