MOSS – Belle (Will You Still Love Me When I Change)


The song Belle: (Will you still love me when I change), scheduled to be premiered at the official launch of the Adelaide Feast Festival 16th September and will also be performed at Feast in November, by Suzie Craig and Mark Simpkin of local Adelaide band, MOSS.

The song; written by Adelaide singer songwriter, Suzie Craig is about the issues transgender people face and was inspired by her friend’s daughter Isabelle (Belle) Lake.

“Belle, will you still love me when I change”; Was inspired by an amazing woman, Isabelle Lake. Isabelle entered the world as Nicholas, but sadly, left far too soon aged 21, as Isabelle. At 19, Belle recognized and understood the gender dysphoria that had plagued her life and formally identified as a woman. She was passionate and very driven to ensure that society treated fairly those who had been negatively impacted by the hand that life had dealt them. Just as Belle was fully embracing her new found self she was struck with an incredible blow, Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

She made an enormous contribution to the transgender community in the minimal time she had available after diagnosis. The West Australian community recognized her efforts and Belle was inducted into Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame in March 2015. We hope this song continues the legacy of Belle and raises awareness of the challenges transgender people face and indeed acceptance.

Copyright Susan Craig, Mark Simpkin © 2015

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