Cuttlefish, The Brainy Bunch

Cuttlefish. These shape-shifting creatures can hypnotize their prey, impersonate the opposite sex and even kill with lightening fast speed. More accomplished masters of disguise than any chameleon, they have an incredible ability to morph their skin colour — even their shape — to blend into almost any background. And they have the largest brain-to-body ratio […]

Sea of Snakes

Polynesian sea gods, a mysterious snake (found only in the waters surrounding the small Pacific island of Niue) and a young scientist collecting its fatal venom. The result is the intriguing film “Sea of Snakes”. A thrilling journey to seek out the planet’s most isolated venomous sea snake: the Niue Sea Krait. This mysterious creature has […]

Project Manta

Manta rays are giant ocean wanderers and they’re smart. With the largest brain to body size of any living fish, these mesmerisingly graceful creatures are very intelligent. They curiously interact with people, travel vast distances and show surprisingly complex behavior. But mantas are under threat and this at a time when they could be key […]

Shipwreck Detectives 2

Another HD projects we worked on was a second series of the award winning programme, “Shipwreck Detectives”. For this we joined up with a team of Maritime Archaeologists working in Sri Lanka’s Galle harbour, to film some of the documentation and preservation work being undertaken on the “Avondster”, a seventeenth century Dutch owned shipwreck. The Avondster […]

Diving School

In this fly on the wall series we follow ten divers, including two from Australian as they train for one of the most dangerous professions in the world, Deep Sea Diving. Below the surface we follow their progress at a deep sea diver training facility at Port Bovisand, near Plymouth, England, as they face the challenge of zero visibility […]

Gallipoli’s Deep Secrets

Having already found the Titanic, the Bismarck and numerous other wrecks, Dr Robert Ballard, probably the world’s greatest shipwreck hunter, is out searching in deep waters with his unmanned submarines looking for answers to one of the bloodiest and most controversial battles of World War one. In what was to become one of the bloodiest and most […]

Navy Divers

In this observational series we had unparalleled access to Navy Divers and Clearance diver trainees as they embark on the biggest challenge of their lives. If you can pass clearance diver training you are about to become part of one of the defence’s most specialised and highly regarded disciplines. Fail and your entire naval career could be over. […]