Shipwreck Detectives 2

Another HD projects we worked on was a second series of the award winning programme, "Shipwreck Detectives". For this we joined up with a team of Maritime Archaeologists working in Sri Lanka's Galle harbour, to film some of the documentation and preservation work being undertaken on the "Avondster", a seventeenth century Dutch owned shipwreck. The Avondster project team work under extremely difficult conditions, as the vessel, wrecked in 1659, lies close to the shore in the swell line, where visibility is often less than half a meter. We filmed the archeologists as they dredged up artifacts and accurately logged their positions on the wreck site. The December 26th 2004 Tsunami, hit Sri Lanka and the city of Galle devastating the population living along the coastline and our worksite. The Maritime Archaeological Unit was badly affected, wiping away ten years of work. We returned to Sri Lanka to film the devastation and to document the archeologists as they tried to locate and salvage the precious artifacts scattered around the remains of their building. Traveling by Gulet along the southern coast of Turkey, we also spent several weeks filming on another international Maritime Archaeologists expedition for the series. This time we joined Jeremy Green, a Maritime Archaeologist from the Western Australian Maritime Museum, as the team from Turkey searched for the remains of a wreck, from which a local fisherman had dredged a bronze figure.

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