Lizard Kings

Armed with sharp teeth, tearing claws and a whip like tail, this fearsome dragon like creature is not only powerful, but smart. As like other top predators with intelligence, they learn as they hunt, using their brain to track down prey. These cunning hunters sound like big brained mammals, but they are in fact reptiles, members of a family that evolved when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard still walking the planet, and monitor lizards range in size from the 3-metre long Komodo, to the 20cm short Pygmy Monitor. This huge scale range within a single genus is unmatched by any other group of terrestrial animals. Like all reptiles, monitor lizards are cold-blooded, lay eggs and shed their scaly skins. But that’s where the similarities end. The Lizard Kings are very intelligent, and in this film we reveal just how bright they are.

Lizard Kings has been busy doing the rounds on the film festival circuit and has received many  honors, including:

ATOM Awards 2009 (Australian Teachers of Media),
Melbourne/Australia, 23. October 2009:
Best Documentary Science, Technology & The ironment

ACS Awards 2009 (Australian Cinematographers Society)
State Awards (SA & WA), 17. November 2009:
Gold Award for Best Cinematography Wildlife & Nature Film
The Milton Ingerson Award for Best Entry of the Year (including all categories)

5th CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival 2009
New Delhi/India 31. October 2009:
Finalist for Best International Nature Film

ACS Awards 2010 (Australian Cinematographers Society)
National Awards, 1. May 2010:
Award of Distinction for Wildlife & Nature Cinematography

IWFF 2010 (International Wildlife Film Festival)
Missoula/USA, 14. May 2010:
Honourable Mention Award for Animal Behaviour
Honourable Mention Award for Educational Value

World Media Festival 2010
Hamburg/Germany, 19. May 2010:
Intermedia Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary Nature & Wildlife

Awards for Lizard Kings

Best Documentary
Science, Technology & the Environment
ATOM Awards
Australia, October 2009

Gold Award Best Cinematography Wildlife & Nature
Milton Ingerson Award for Best Entry of the Year (all categories)
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) State Awards
Australia, November 2009

Best International Nature Film – Finalist
5th CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife Film Festival
India, October 2009

Award of Distinction Wildlife & Nature Cinematography
ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) National Awards
Australia, May 2010

Honorable Mention for Animal Behaviour
Honorable Mention for Educational Value
IWFF - International Wildlife Film Festival
USA, May 2010

Golden Globe Award Best Documentary Wildlife & Nature
World Media Festival
Germany, May 2010

Best Story - Finalist
Best Camera - Finalist
Grand Award NaturVision - Finalist
NaturVision Film Festival
Germany, July 2010

Best International Film
Czech Republic, September 2010

Best Science Documentary – Finalist
Green Screen Nature Film Festival
Germany, September 2010

Best Science & Nature Documentary – Finalist
Goethe Institute Science Film Festival
Thailand, September 2010

Best Scientific Documentary – Finalist
Festival International du Film Animalier d’Albert 2011
France, March 2011

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