Wineline 2 The Odyssey

In this new multi award winning film, we trace the footsteps of the late Burton Wyndham Hamilton, the father of legendary winemaker Dr Richard Hamilton. On several trips across the country, Richard takes the opportunity to visit the outback and experience and participate in some of the jobs his father would have undertaken while working on […]


Zombies are always terrifying. They are undead monsters that dine on human flesh until they have engulfed entire populations. However in this Zombie apocalypse comedy film, Dale, Spool’s resident Zombie is far too slow to catch anyone. Dale is the country’s most unusual inhabitant and the only known zombie in Australia and quite possibly the […]

Wine Line, The Hamilton Story

Wine Line, a 1 hour  feature length documentary that shows the history of the Hamilton Family’s involvement in South Australian wine industry over the last 170 years. The Hamilton brothers brought new technology to wine the industry and were leaders in the field during the early days of wine making at Marion, McLaren Vale and the […]

Project Manta

Manta rays are giant ocean wanderers and they’re smart. With the largest brain to body size of any living fish, these mesmerisingly graceful creatures are very intelligent. They curiously interact with people, travel vast distances and show surprisingly complex behavior. But mantas are under threat and this at a time when they could be key […]

August Watershed

August Watershed is an historical musical which tells the story of the first month of the First World War, August 1914. For the series historically accurate costumes were hand made for the more than 60 actors that played a part in the filming. During the three week shoot Malcolm Ludgate ACS engaged more than 15 film […]

Hidden Universe 3D (IMAX 70mm)

Using the specialized IMAX Solido 65mm duel film strip 3D camera, one of only three in the world, we document the work at the European Southern observatory high altitude radio telescope observatories at Alma and Parnell. Using the IMAX 3D camera at over 5500mt (16,000ft) in the high plateaus of Chile’s Atacama Desert, proved a […]