Hidden Universe 3D (IMAX 70mm)

Using the specialized IMAX Solido 65mm duel film strip 3D camera, one of only three in the world, we document the work at the European Southern observatory high altitude radio telescope observatories at Alma and Parnell. Using the IMAX 3D camera at over 5500mt (16,000ft) in the high plateaus of Chile’s Atacama Desert, proved a challenge, as our team lugged the 150Kg (320lb) beast around in the oxygen thin air.

Shooting at this altitude with the monster camera was made more difficult due to the sub zero temperatures, strong winds and endless blowing dust. The extremely dry air at these dizzy heights made the 65mm film shrink slightly and become brittle causing it to snap regularly. We managed to resolve that problem by wrapping the film magazines in damp towels to introduce some humidity back into the emulsion before shooting. The film was released worldwide in June 2013.

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