Zombies are always terrifying. They are undead monsters that dine on human flesh until they have engulfed entire populations. However in this Zombie apocalypse comedy film, Dale, Spool’s resident Zombie is far too slow to catch anyone. Dale is the country’s most unusual inhabitant and the only known zombie in Australia and quite possibly the world! Dale can be seen hanging around Spoole and is dearly loved by all the town’s locals.

We all know zombies are dangerous. But what makes them so terrifying? Apart from the fact that they’re undead. Is it the way they spread and multiply until they are everywhere which makes a zombie apocalypse such a disconcerting one. But what if there was only one Zombie – Dale, the very first of it’s kind? Too slow to catch anyone and no more dangerous than a stray animal – how would people react to it? Would they defend its right to “life”, or oppose it?

Partly funded by a Production grant from the Helpmann Academy in Adelaide, two graduates from the Adelaide College of the Arts collaborated to make this short Mockumentary film, the Zombie-Comedy “Dale”.

More information: http://www.facebook.com/SpooleLovesDale

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